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Case Study

Client: KnowConnect PLLC
Services Provided: Branding, brand assets, announcement, and website design for a firm that offers information privacy and security, and knowledge management consulting to law departments and firms.

The brand, website, firm announcement, and business cards won a 2009 APEX Award for Excellence in a Corporate Identity.

Apex Award 2009

The client came to us years ago to brand his consulting business. In 2008, when moving, he asked for an update to his brand, a website design, and a moving announcement that would catch the attention of his current and potential clients. In the prior brand, we used a black & white photograph of a bridge emerging from the clouds to signify the clarity and connection that knowledge management could bring to a law department.


The client liked the sense of emergence and connection represented by the bridge, but thought the brand needed updating. We used the curving edge of the suspension bridge to build a metaphorical one. This line also becomes a bounce, representing the consultant’s ability to take his clients to a higher level of performance. The hand-drawn line becomes a check-mark, an underline, and even a forward slash on the client’s website and cards.

Tagline: We used the words “what you need to succeed” as the client’s tagline, but broke them up to read with the firm name: KnowConnect PLLC Logo
  To provoke inquiries from potential clients, the company materials pose a series of questions and quotations that were incorporated into the brand. The handwriting font gives these messages the feel of having been individually added. Each business card, letterhead sheet, and website page presents a different question or quote:
  Never waste a great mistake.
Color Palette: For brand continuity, and because the simplicity of the palette plays off the complexity of the client’s message, we retained the black, white, and grey palette from their prior brand.
Font: We selected a spare sans serif font for text, closely matching Verdana, a websafe font that is used across all the client’s electronic media, including the web. The handwriting font is inserted as a graphic on the website, but is fully customizable in print.
Website: We designed the firm’s website to be easily updated by the client. Since the information presented is both complex and valuable to the firm’s potential clients, we created a navigation system that permits potential clients to find specific information in smaller bites. We also worked with the client extensively on the website text, so that the website offers regular visitors timely and relevant information about information privacy and security law.
Announcement: The firm asked for a print announcement—despite the fact that most of its work focuses on electronic media. The annoucement makes a joke about the limitations of print, as well as the risks of electronic media. We created a 1950’s-style “hidden message” taped to the front of a laptop, and included a Secret Decoder with the client’s logo. The announcement was an astounding success: some firms asked for multiple copies. In later electronic newsletters, the client
included additional hidden messages, which encouraged the firm’s clients to retain and reuse the decoder, reminding them in the process of the client’s services. People who had not received one wrote the client to request a Secret Decoder:
  KnowConnect Sectret Message

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