Brands developed to help buyers identify which guilds produced goods for sale in medieval markets.
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Case Study

Client: Pattishall McAuliffe LLP
Services Provided: Branding, brochure design, flash, and web content for a boutique IP law firm.

The client represents some of the most famous brands in the world, but their own brand did not measure up. When they came to us, they were using different logos in different media. Their brand was out of date. Most significant, there was a disconnect between the quality of their practice and the quality of their communications.

The client wanted a brand that communicated the depth of their IP expertise, and the breadth of their practice and client base. They also wished to highlight the individual service for which the firm is well known.

Tagline: To convey their special expertise, we developed the tagline, “Defending Your Brand.”
Color Palette: The firm used a deep purple for its brand when they came to us, and we embraced it as a color unique among law firms and entirely suitable for their brand. Retaining the color created a point of continuity between the old and new brands.
Fonts: The firm used a mish-mash of fonts. We unified the look of their communications by picking Agenda—a simple, elegant custom font, designed by Roger Black—for use across all media, from their business cards to their website.

Using the P in “Pattishall” as the centerpiece, we built a circular motif based upon the familiar iconography of intellectual property law: © and ®. But we did not want the circle to enclose. Rather, we wanted it to be open, leaving room for the firm name. That open circle becomes the shield that protects logos of the firm’s extraordinary clients. The key message: Pattishall protects some of the most valuable brands in the world. It can protect yours.

Pattishall Logo

Pattishall WGA Logo

Pattishall Hilfiger Logo


A flash sequence created for the website illustrates this point, animating the shield as it displays the logos of the firm’s most famous clients.

We designed the flash to draw randomly from a file of client logos—each logo is matched with a custom shield, communicating to potential clients that the firm meets each client’s needs individually

While we did not design the firm’s website, we worked with them to develop design elements that extend the brand beyond the logo. We also worked with them extensively on the website content and text, so that the website offers current and potential clients timely and interesting information about intellectual property law. We helped the firm to shift the website’s focus from information that lawyers care about to information that clients need to know.

Lawyer bios take the form of questions or profiles that highlight information relevant to the client’s selection of a new firm. We asked each lawyer to imagine a problem that might walk through the door, and explain how their individual skills, and the firm’s team approach, would help them resolve (and even prevent) that problem.

Firm Brochure:

The firm wanted a brochure that could be updated and customized with content for each client. We designed a custom die-cut folder that highlights their logo, and permits them to print on demand their attorney bios, descriptions of the firm’s practice areas, or news articles using brand templates we developed.(Although we selected a high-tech paper that matched the firm’s signature color, they opted for a more subdued charcoal.)

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